The German-Chinese Friendship Society in Oldenburg is delighted that you are interested in our aims and our programme. 

As a registered German society, the aim is to promote and raise international understanding and awareness. In achieving our goals, we do so by supporting and promoting relations between the peoples of Germany and China in all areas in the spirit of international cooperation and international friendship, especially through organising events, presentation, concerts, exhibitions and courses. 

To fulfil these aims, we offer a comprehensive cultural programme of events. You can, furthermore, also lend out books and works of literature from our library. Members and friends of the Society meet in the Shang Hai restaurant (Damm 22, 26135 Oldenburg, Germany) regularly on the third Thursday of the month at 7pm. 

In a cordial atmosphere, you can exchange views on China with our members or even report on your own experiences in the country. This exchange of experiences is so vitally important, especially if you require more information about the country. Sometimes it could even be that initial starting point for you to reignite your own curiosity in another culture.