The Society offers all of its members access to our special library collection. Members can lend books from different genres on China free of charge. For those non-members, access is also granted; but we kindly ask for small donations for the upkeep of the library. The Society also welcomes donations of books on China to add to its ever growing collection. 

This library currently contains around 200 books and is looked after by the Winkelseths. Those who are interested can discover works and volumes on art history, non-fiction books on history as well as other works on the economy and Buddhism. Picture books and novels as well as poetry do much to reflect the Chinese culture for all of its facets. There are also books on cookery, travel literature and magazines. The collection also holds monolingual books in Chinese and there are some in English.

If you would like to view the library, please contact the Winkelseths via over website to organise a viewing. Five works can be taken our at any one time. The duration of a book loan is limited to four weeks from the date of withdrawal. 

Do you have books about China at home that you would like to make available to other members? Or would you like to donate books to the Society? The Society would be delighted to receive book and magazine donations. We subscribe to the motto: knowledge is better than predujice. 

The Society is thankful for all donations!!! The complet list of books is in German only - you will find them here as download